Snowshoeing: Step Out And Enjoy The Snow This Winter

Winter: If you are like me, winter is a tough time to find ways to enjoy the outside. It’s not that I hate the cold and snow but, as I have grown older and the idea of spending hours building a snowman or just “playing” in the snow has lost some of its appeal. It wasn’t until last year, when I discovered that snowshoeing is really a great way to enjoy the winter months, a great form of exercise and just a fun thing to do! The beauty of snowshoeing is it doesn’t take any special talent, unlike skiing or skating where balance is key. With snowshoeing, if you can walk than you can snowshoe. This also makes it an appealing family sport because the kids can join you in an inexpensive and fun way to spend a day. Snowshoes are relatively in expensive and can be purchased at most sporting good stores. Whether you choose the more traditional wooden models or a light weight aluminum pair, either way you will be able to walk on your favorite trails all winter long. Along with the benefits of being outside and enjoying the sites, snowshoeing is also a great form of cardiovascular exercise that really gets your blood flowing. Instead of spending the winter cooped up in your house, why not invest in some snowshoes and try something new to do this winter. You can also take these with you anywhere you go and quickly strap them on to explore any undiscovered spot that would not be accessible during the winter months on foot alone. The cool thing about snowshoeing is you feel as if you are floating across the top of the snow. No more sinking into the snow knee deep! They are handy to have around the house especially if you need to check something in the back yard like the propane tank gauge and the snow is over two feet deep and soft! Snowshoeing is really an all around fun way to spend time and just a great way to get around during the winter months here in Maine.