Seaplane Fly-In: A 34 Year Moosehead Lake Tradition

Fall: Moosehead Lake has been the setting for the past 30 years for pilots from all over the world to “fly In” and attend the annual Internation Seaplane Fly-In on Moosehead Lake. What a spectacular event for flying enthusiast! Besides the Cessnas, Cubs and Beavers you just may see some more rare planes in one location than even some of the best air museums. There has been a visit from a 1944 Grumman Goose and a Caravan or two as well as many classic and experimental seaplanes. This is one of the largest events of this nature on the East coast held on the most scenic lake. The Annual Fly-In started back in the early 70’s and has been growing in attendance since then. These planes were often used to get sportsmen in and out of the bush of the great northern woods because of limited road access. The annual fly in originated with a group of local bush pilots who thought it would be a good time to invite other flying enthusiast to join them for a weekend of flying and fun on the lake and thus the tradition began. The Seaplane Fly-In is a great way to enjoy the weekend on Moosehead Lake.