Scenic Drives Moosehead Lake: Leaf Peepers Heaven

Spring, Summer, Fall: A great getaway from the everyday stress is a visit to the Moosehead Lake region for an enjoyable scenic drive. Enjoy a peaceful stroll through this area with the panoramic views from the lake side, the beautiful colors of the leaves in fall, or the fresh smell of pine in the air. Don’t forget the wild flowers in the open field or the wildlife in their natural habitat such as a moose cooling off in the lake or a fawn grazing in a field. With all these natural beauties, aspiring photographers will have no limit of opportunities. Whether it’s the sound of the birds, or the smells of nature that brings you serenity, the Moosehead region has just what you need. This is a wonderful place to take the kids for a family outing or just for you to get away for a renewed peace of mind.