Climb Mount Kineo Moosehead Lake: It’s More Then Just A Hike

Spring, Summer, Fall: Moosehead Lake’s, Mount Kineo is a beautiful site to see. The mountain features many its rocky ledges and green tree filled slopes. It is perfect for the beginner as well as professional hiker with a variety of trails offered for all skill levels. Mount Kineo is an island inside Moosehead Lake, so you will need to take a water taxi, boat, kayak, or canoe to get to the base to start your climb. On the 800 foot mountain, you can hike to the top, enjoy some rock climbing, or repel down the rock face. Guided rock climbing and repelling trips are available and provide a great way to do something new for your next family vacation. Once at the top, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding Moosehead Lake region and the old fire tower at the summit of Mount Kineo.