Canoe Ride: Glide Across Maine’s Calm Waters

Summer & Fall: Nothing beats the quiet solitude of getting into a canoe and gently gliding across the water. You can see the sun setting in the distant mountains and hear the eerie cries of the loons. You’re on Moosehead Lake in Northeast Carry. Kineo is straight ahead as you paddle your way into an inlet. Just as you round the corner you can see a moose knee deep in the water. Slowly, you lift your paddles and float enjoying one of the most beautiful scenes. The only sound around you is the soft drip of water coming off your paddle. Canoeing has been around for a long time and it’s in moments like that you realize why it is still one of the most peaceful forms of recreation out there. The beauty of a canoe is that they are easy to transport and you can almost put them in virtually anywhere. Not only is canoeing an excellent way to observe and enjoy nature but, it is also a great form of exercise for upper body strength. There are so many great places to canoe in Maine. Another great spot to put a canoe in is just off the Golden Road. You will come to a turn around that is a inlet that leads into Lobster Lake. The “canal” is long and opens up right into Lobster Lake. If it is not a windy day, keep paddling straight ahead and you will find a great beach area that offers a perfect place to swim to cool down from the summer heat. With so many great places to choose from canoeing should be one of your top things to do this summer. Don’t worry if you don’t own a canoe, places like LL Bean will rent one to you for the day, week or longer depending on what you need. So if you are looking for something to do, go for a canoe ride, you’ll be glad you did!