Bird Watching In Moosehead Lake: A Vast Variety Of Birds

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: The Moosehead Lake region is a spectacular habitat for birds, and is equally spectacular for bird watchers. Whether you are just looking to see Maine’s state bird, the chickadee, or you are a serious bird watcher looking to spot a few hard to find species, a visit to Moosehead Lake is just the right trip. With a walk along one of the hiking trails, you will have the opportunity to spot many species of birds such as blue jays, hummingbirds, cardinals, sparrows, chickadees, and woodpeckers, just to name a few. To find some of the rarer birds, you can take a canoe or kayak out on a river or lake for a chance to see hawks, bald eagles, heron, ducks, osprey, and many other rarer species of birds. The northern woods are full of various wildlife, so make sure that on your next trip to Moosehead, you plan to see these beautiful birds in their natural environment.