ATV Adventures: Hit The Trails For ATVing Fun

Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring: Four wheeling fun on the back trails of the Maine woods is a past time many ATVer’s love! If you have had a ride on an ATV you can appreciate the fun of hitting the trails and doing a little mud running. Whether it’s on a wooded trail, a back country road or an open field, there are plenty of places to ride. If you enjoy outdoor adventure and riding ATV’s you should check out Jackman. Known as the Moose River Region and for its white water this area is loaded with over 300 miles of great trails to ride on. The fall is a great time to ride and enjoy the changing colors and cool air. If you don’t own your own there are plenty of places to rent from and the Chamber of Commerce has trail maps for all riders visiting the area. There is even access to the border trails connecting Maine and Quebec and many of the overnight accommodations offer trailside access. While you are there be sure to take some time to go moose watching because it is known as a hotspot in Maine. September and October the moose are out and about getting ready for the cold. This is also the time of year when the males have developed their full antlers. Some of these bulls are over 7 feet in height and can weigh in at 1000+ lbs so they are an awesome sight to be seen. You can usually spot them on the trails while ATVing. Take some time and discover what has become one of Maine’s most popular past times, ATV riding!