Appalachian Trail: Hike The 100 Mile Wilderness

Spring, Summer, Fall: Maine’s Appalachian trail leads through dense forests, along countless lakes, ponds an rivers, calling all adventurous spirits seeking scenery and solitude. The 100 mile wilderness section begins at the town of Monson and winds its way northeast through some of Maine’s largest undeveloped country. This section of trail is not for amatuers, but for those willing to rough it the rewards are plentiful. From panoramic views high atop the mulitiple peaks along the way, to the soothing sound of a babbling brook, or distant cry of Loons echoing across a lake. This is the trip of a lifetime for nature lovers in wild country. Be prepared to pack enough food for ten days on the trail and have a good water filtration system too, cause once on the trail there are no corner markets to resupply. There are some basic shelters along the way in the form of lean-to’s but hikers should be prepared to set camp if no space is available. The big reward at the end is enjoying the classic view of Mount Katahdin with an ice cream and cold beverage from the Abol store around the corner.