Yarmouth: Go See The World’s Largest Revolving/Rotating Globe

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall:Right up the road from the city of Portland is the world’s largest revolving and rotating globe. DeLorme, a leader in the world of mapping technology has its headquarters in Yarmouth, Maine. This magnificent work of engineering art is definately worth checking out. The globe is a three dimensional model of earth, as viewed from space. Everything is scaled perfectly to size and the three dimensional perspective of earth’s mountains, oceans and landforms will give you an unmatched view of our earth. Most Mainers have a DeLorme map in their vehicle and for good reason. Maine is a vast area of land and our detailed maps are important tools for travel into the north woods and off the beaten paths. Whether you are a GPS or mapping junkie or just a visitor passing through with an old wrinkled map of Maine a visit to the DeLorme headquarters is certainly something worthwhile “to do.” So while your in Maine, see the earth like never before.