Wildlife Park: An Experience In Wildlife Conservation And Education

Spring, Summer, Fall: Once known as the State Game Park, the Maine Wildlife Park is run by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. With admission prices for kids and adults around four dollars, you can’t beat the Wildlife Park for an inexpensive, educational, family trip. Many native species to Maine can be seen here such as: moose, black bear, lynx, coyote, turkey vulture, white tailed deer, and the great horned owl. The park serves as a home for wildlife that cannot continue to exist in the wild on its own. While you are there, visit the fish hatchery, where thousands of brook trout are raised each year! There’s also a nature store and a visitors center in the park where you can learn that moose can easily swim as far as 10 miles. Come visit and learn about Maine’s wildlife and their natural habitats at the Maine Wildlife Park, located in Gray, Maine.