The Children’s Museum Of Maine

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: Are you looking for a place where your children can be just that? The Children’s Museum of Maine is the place for your next family outing. Here your child can learn and explore using their imagination and other hands on activities. The only dilemma is deciding who is having more fun, the children or the parent, in the life size fire truck or space shuttle. All parents want their children to enjoy learning, so this is a great way to let them learn while playing. Your children will learn through dramatic play. They can pretend to dress up like a princess to be saved by a knight, a pirate looking for treasure, or a doctor preparing for a surgery. Children can also put on a show with other children in the museum’s theatre. There is a life size, bright red fire truck, where children can pretend to be a firefighter putting out a fire, driving the truck, or ringing the bell. There is also a space shuttle cockpit where children can pretend to be an astronaut flying to outer space using the fake controls and watching the video. Farmer collect eggs from chickens, milk the cow, and pump water from an old-fashioned well. Kids can also withdraw museum money from the ATM, and spend it in the grocery store where the children playing cashier scan the products and collect the money. The Children’s Museum of Maine is a wonderful place to spend the day; even the baby of the family has a safe and secure play area designed just for them. Remember, your children are always changing and the museum allows for a new experience each and every visit.

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