Shark Fishing: If You’re Gonna Go Fishing, Go Big!

Summer: Imagine a warm summer day, calm seas, and you battling a ten-foot dwellerof the deep at the end of a fishing rod. If this sounds intriguing to youthen you should consider shark fishing off the Maine coast. There areseveral charter boat services in and around Portland, Maine that can hookyou up. Whether your preferred fishing style is trolling, drifting, spincasting, or fly-fishing there is an outfitter that can serve you. Sharkseason begins in July and really heats up in August and September. BlueSharks are the predominate shark found of the Maine coast. Thousands ofthese cartilaginous fishes are caught, tagged and released each year.Other shark species such as Mako, Porbeagle and even the occasional GreatWhite have been observed off Maine’s coast. Fishing takes place from 10-25miles offshore. These trips are not for those that suffer from motionsickness. The most common method of locating the sharks is by driftingwhile trailing a chum bucket. The smell and oil produced by the chum linewill bring the sharks within arms reach of the boat. The sight of a 10plus foot shark at close range will have you humming the theme from themovie Jaws. Although Blue Sharks are not considered dangerous they dodeserve your respect and caution. Blue Sharks have been known to grow to12 feet and weigh in up to 400 lbs. There is no doubt that when the battleis done, and you release this magnificent creature back to the sea, youwill.