Seafood Restaurants In Portland: Eat Cheap!

Winter,Spring,Summer & Fall: I have found that living in Maine my whole life I tend to take for granted the fresh seafood options that are abundant when it comes to dining out. There are plenty of restaurants out there that can definitely whip up some of the finest creations using native lobster, scallops and shrimp but, sometimes the simple things like great fried clams hit the spot and certainly have their place in the culinary world. In the Portland area there are some great seafood places that keep things simple and definitely serve up some great fried clams and lobster rolls. One of my favorite stops if you are looking for no frills but, delicious seafood is Susan’s Fish and Chips on Forest Ave. The restaurant itself is not much to write home about but, the food…deliciously simple. The fried haddock is firm, perfectly breaded and fried to perfection. The clams and shrimp are hot, fresh and very tasty. Best of all, this restaurant is extremely affordable. Another place I like to go is Gilbert’s Chowder House. Despite the name, Gilbert’s actually offers a wide menu selection of fresh seafood dishes sure to appeal to anyone searching for great seafood. From fried native shrimp to baked or broiled scallops you will leave feeling satisfied that you just had a great meal at a reasonable price. Captain Newicks is another top pick for fresh affordable seafood. This is a family style, affordable seafood restaurant has been offering diners the freshest seafood for years. During this time of year you can even find fried smelts as one of the daily specials. Newicks has been packing diners in for years now and they have definitely found their niche in the “nothing fancy, just affordable seafood” arena.