Seafood: Lobster Stew, It’s Something You Have To Do!

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: Maine and Lobster are synonymous. Whether you live in Maine or are vacationing in Maine, lobster is always something “to do.” Here is an idea for something simple and tasty to do, next time you have the craving for lobster. If you are not in the mood for making a big deal about going out for a long drawn out lobster dinner, cracking the shells and working hard for a couple pieces of lobster meat – consider seeking out the perfect “lobster stew.” Almost every coastal town is loaded with seafood joints and there is no shortage of places to find a lobster dinner. Some of those restaurants are high end dining establishments and some of those places might be a food cart on the side of the road. When seeking out the perfect cup or bowl of lobster stew, it really boils down to one thing – who skimps on the lobster and who doesn’t! The goal is to find the best “bang for your buck” and find a few different places that serve fresh lobster stew that is packed with lobster meat. If you are wondering what constitutes lobster stew, it is pretty simple. Butter, milk, heavy cream, salt, pepper, paprika, sometimes a touch of dry sherry and big chunks of fresh Maine lobster. So, whether it is a rainy day and you are looking for something to do or it is a nice evening and you don’t feel like going through the process of a big lobster dinner – go in search of the best lobster stew. It’s a fun and tasty thing to do!