Sea Glass: Scour The Beaches For Hidden Treasures

Fall, Spring & Summer: I love spending time on the beach scouring the sand for sea glass. Discovering these slivers of milky glass is like finding a treasured gemstone. Some of the best spots to find sea glass is in and around the rocky areas where the surf softly tumbles the glass refining its sharp edges and giving it a milky hue. A great spot to find sea glass is at Fort Popham in Phippsburg. Next to the old fort there is a pool that is filled with pieces of blue, green, brown and clear sea glass. They are not hard to spot and it is fun to discover all the shapes you can find them in. Another great place to find pieces of sea glass is on Head Beach just up the road in Phippsburg. If you head out to the left side of the beach you will find a rocky section where the sea glass gets caught between the rocks. Of course the best time to find these treasures are at low tide and you don’t need any equipment because they all seem to find their way to the surface as the tide recedes. The East End Beach in Portland is another hot spot and is covered with sea glass. Make sure you bring a bucket or something to carry all your pieces home in. Sea glass can be made into jewelry using fine wire or beautifully displayed in glass containers around your house. Hunting for sea glass can be a fun thing to do even on a fall day when the beach is not crowded and you don’t have to compete for your pick of the crop!