Scarborough Marsh: Maine’s Biggest Saltwater Marsh

Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall:Right down the road from the city of Portland, in the beautiful town of Scarborough is a resource that often goes unrecognized amongst all the hustle and bustle and rush to the more heavily promoted attractions. The Scarborough Marsh is Maine’s Biggest Saltwater Marsh and with an impressive 3,100 acres of marsh land. The Scarborough Marsh is known worldwide amongst birders as a premier bird watching destination and even if you not an avid bird watcher, the Scarborough Marsh is certainly worth a visit. The streams and rivers that flow through the marsh lands are loaded with all kinds of fish and birds and life. The streams and rivers are also tidal (salty) so that means they do not freeze entirely. Therefore, various birds and ducks can be found in the unfrozen waters. If you make a trip to the famed Scarborough Marsh you are sure to find some breathtaking views and photo opportunities any time of year. The sunsets and sunrises are amazing anytime of year and if its spring, summer or fall and you have a a fishing pole, conoe or kyak bring those too. The Scarborough Marsh has some amazing striped bass fishing opportunities and the protected water systems offer conoe and kayak enthusiasts some amazing opportunities and things to see.