Rock Gym: Climbing Fun For All Ages

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall :The Maine Rock Gym is a great way to burn off that extra winter energy. The gym is open year round, and is an ideal alternative to those days where staying outside isn’t an option. The gym offers more the 5,000 square feet of rock walls to climb, each with different levels of difficulty. You can climb solo or bring a group of friends here for a nice winter get together. The gym has the climbing equipment necessary for all ages to enjoy a day at the gym. All of the ropes are secured to the ceiling and the floors are covered with landing foam for your safety. You can bring children, adults, and teenagers to the gym – no matter the age, they will find a wall to climb that meets their skill level. This type of activity is also a great learning tool. It helps teach problem solving skills, self-esteem, and team work. So for your next indoor adventure, visit the Maine Rock Gym.

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