Portland: Five Fun Things To Do

Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall: Portland has so many things to do for all ages and if you are young and looking for fun than this is the city for you! Not sure where to start? Of course the Old Port has a huge draw for the younger crowd as it is a plethora of bars and clubs which makes it perfect for an all night bar crawl. Four Play and the Stadium are the places to be if you are looking for some place to dance and cut loose. If you are into pubs than Rosies and Gritty’s are perfect for an evening full of good friends and great ale. Live music options are always important, be sure to check out the Asylum which is a hit especially on their 80’s nights. The Big Easy is another great place to hang out and enjoy live music and dance the night away. Portland also has a great live performance genre that is geared to appeal to the younger crowd. Check out Space a wonderful alternative arts venue found in the heart of Portland’s downtown. Space offers art exhibitions, live performances, film performances and much more with an ever changing schedule of events. Perhaps you want to take it outside and you are not sure where to start? The Maine Outdoor Club may be your best choice. Members can join others in participating in a variety of different activities from rock climbing to walking the Backcove Boulevard, it’s a great way to get outside and discover something new to do. Portland is a hip and happening town you just need to take some time to enjoy all there is to see and do so why not start today!