Oceans Treasure Chest: The Fine Art of Collecting Sea Glass

Summer: There is a treasure chest that awaits you at some of the beaches in Maine. Take some time on your next trip to the beach and look down, that’s right, down. You will be amazed at what you discover. Shining gently in the sunlight and sand are shards of some of the prettiest gems in the ocean, sea glass. For those who have never taken the time to examine these precious treasures I am not talking about broken pieces of glass on the beach. The ocean has a wonderful way in wearing away the sharp edges and giving the natural glass a soft, milky hue. One of the best beaches in my area to find these gems is on the East End Beach. Sea glass comes in all colors but, most common is the green, “white” clear and brown. The special pieces are the shades of aqua and royal blue. Make sure you have something to carry your precious finds in like a pail or bucket. This is a wonderful activity for my children who now can spot a piece with hawk like radar. Another great spot for collecting is Fort Popham in Phippsburg. There is a pool to the right of the fort where sea glass seems to gather. Artist have known about it’s beauty for years and now you will too. Start your own collection today, it’s worth the trip.