Learn To Fly Fish

Spring, Summer, Fall: Fly Fishing has long been a favorite pastime in Maine, and much of the allure of the sport is due to its mystique. If you’ve ever watched a experienced flyfisherman cast, it can be an almost hypnotic experience as the line is being “false casted” back and forth. So why complicate fishing by waving the rod around and so on? Well, many trout and salmon species feed primarily on small insects. These insect imitations or “flies” need to be presented delicately on the water, and this is best acheived with a fly rod. While it does take a lifetime to become an expert caster and fisherman, it is surprising easy to learn some basic casts, with good instruction of course. Maine’s rich sporting heritage provides plenty of opportunity for those looking to develop their fly fishing skills. Good instruction is the best way to get started in fly casting, and there are scores of reputable Guides and Instructors who will get you started off on the right foot. One good place to learn is through the Outdoor Discovery Schools run by L.L.Bean in Freeport, Maine. They have outfitting folks for outdor adventures for a long time, and their School is designed to teach you the basic skills, so you can enjoy the woods and waters of Maine on your own.