Ice Skating: Find The Perfect Spot

Winter: Many parks in Maine offer skating ponds or rinks during the winter months. They are usually well maintained and some of these facilities even offer a snack shack where visitors can go in, warm up and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. If you are in the Portland area the Deering Oaks Park Pond is a great place to skate. The pond is big and there is plenty of room to glide around on. In the Bath area, Goddard Park offers a large football field size skating arena equipped with a warm snack shack and outdoor music. In Bethel the Bethel Town Common offers skaters a beautiful area to enjoy one of Maine’s favorite winter activities. If you are looking for a more rustic atmosphere, any pond or quarry where the ice is thick enough will do. The skating may not be as smooth but, sometimes it is fun to go looking for that perfect piece of ice. When you go make sure you dress warm and wear the right socks. Keeping your feet warm is important to ensure you can skate your best. Ice skating is a great way to get out in the fresh air (bundle up!) and enjoy the great outdoors.