Halloween Haunted Hayride: Acres Of Horrors

Fall: Experience the thrills and chills on a ride throught the acres of horror in Scarborough. Tis the season of ghost, goblins and ghouls and what is Halloween without a haunted hayride. Now, there are plenty out there that claim to be the best but, these guys have been doing this for 18 years and guest aren’t disappointed. This haunted hayride is by far the best one in Maine and definitey makes the forest come alive with the all sorts of creatures of the night. Just keep your eyes open because you never know what will pop out from the darkness. Creatures from the “other side”, disfigured ghouls, witches, vampires with blood dripping from their last victim. Let your imagination run wild as you sit on the edge of your seat waiting for what happens next. The hayride is worth the wait in line although you may want to call ahead and make reservations…whatever you decide just make sure you stay alert…you never know what may be lurking just around the corner.