FREEport, Maine: Free (Or Close To It) Fun Things To Do

Spring, Summer & Fall: Everyone loves a bargain, and folks flock to Freeport in search of a deal. Don’t get trapped in the stores, there is plenty to do and you don’t have to spend money having fun! Freeport has many spots that are a naturalist delight. If you have a canoe of small kayaks head over to Mill Stream Landing where you can access the Harraseeket River, which is tidal so be careful to check the tide charts before you head out. Once out there you will enjoy the quiet beauty of the natural habitat and wildlife living on and around the banks of the river. Take some time to paddle up stream where you will eventually come into a small eddy where you can stop and enjoy some great bird watching from the edge of the water. If you find yourself without a boat and are looking for a great place to explore on foot, then you definitely need to check out Tidewater. This property is a natural conservation trust that runs along the river and is home beautiful wild natural gardens and orchards. Between the wildflowers and wildlife you could spend the entire day exploring this spot. Be sure to grab your camera to take advantage of some of the great photo opportunities. Another great place to explore at no cost is the Mast Landing Sanctuary which is now a 140 acre preserve but, once served as a central spot for ship mast construction as part of the areas shipbuilding trade. Here you will have a blast discovering the different outbuildings that once housed a thriving trade in the mid-coast area. There really are two sides of Freeport that visitors should take the time to discover and if you are looking for some free things to do than FREEport is your town!