Ferry Beach: Southern Maine Beach Day Trip

Summer, Spring, Fall:Searching for one of the best beaches in the Portland area?Ferry Beach maybe just what you are looking for. Whether you live in Maine and want to make plans for a day trip to the beach or are vacationing in the vicinity of Portland this is a great beach to visit. It is quite and protected from the open ocean. The water is a bit warmer because of the shallow depth and it is a perfect destination for couples or families looking for a less crowded and more simplified beach experience. The beach is literally just a few feet from parking and finding a spot to sit is easy. Are you looking to take an evening beach walk? Ferry beach always has some of the most amazing sunsets and there is plenty of beach to walk. The cost to park is somewhere around $10 for the day. Get there early because they only allow so many cars, and that is what makes this spot great. It really can never get too crowded. Click Here For All Relevant Info