Comedy Connection: Laugh Out Loud!

Spring,Summer,Fall & Winter: Feel like a good laugh? If you are looking for a fun night out with friends you should check out Portland’s Comedy Connection. The Comedy Connection is located right next to the famous Porthole on Custom House Wharf in the Old Port. Bob Marley, one of Maine’s funniest comedians is a regular and his act is enough to keep you bent over and laughing hysterically for hours! The Comedy Connection also offers both local and national talent Thursday through Sunday. Show times vary so you will want to make sure you check their calendar of events. In addition, the place is somewhat small so you will need to make a reservation if you plan on attending with a group of friends. There is a bar so drinks are available and you do have to be at least 18 years old to even enter so keep that in mind. We went with a group of friends one Saturday night recently. Before the show, we enjoyed some drinks and appetizers at Ri Ra’s just down the street. Ri Ra’s is a lively Irish pub that offers good food, cold drinks and also has a great couch area that faces a roaring fire. We were all cozy on the couch chatting and looking forward to the show to come. Overall, it was a fun night and the show was worth our time. We all were laughing so hard that we promised to go back again soon.