Bradbury Mountain State Park: Where The Eagle Circles The Sky

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall: Bradbury Mountain State Park is open to visitors year round and offers adventures for every season. One of the best times to hike the park and short summit is in the fall, when the leaves are changing, and all the migrating birds show up. Bird watching enthusiasts can hike the short summit of Bradbury Mountain and check out all the migrating eagles, hawks, ospreys and other species as they soar through the sky riding the thermals. Bradbury Mountain State Park is one of the lone parks in southern Maine to have “shared use” trails. The trails can be used by mountain bikers, horseback riders, and even snowmobilers. Take the family on a great bike ride in the summertime or gear up when the weather turns colder and rent snowmobiles or snow shoes to explore the park. Campsites are available if you’d like to make it a weekend getaway. On a clear day at Bradbury Mountain, you can even see the ocean off in the distance.