Bowling: Big Ball or Candlepin, Spare Some Time!

Spring,Summer,Fall & Winter: The kids are running around, it’s raining outside and all of a sudden you need to find something to do! How about taking everyone bowling! Bowling is a great time and it’s not just for family, it’s a fun way to spend a night out with some friends as well. The Portland area offers a couple of bowling spots. If you like bowling the big balls you should check out Yankee Lanes. On weekend nights they offer “Rock n’ Bowl” where the black lights are turned on and the music is turned up. It’s a lot of fun and the kids really love it. In addition to having great bowling, Yankee Lanes has a snack bar, a video arcade, pool tables and entertainment like karaoke in the lounge area. There is a Yankee Lanes in Brunswick too so if you find yourself in the Mid-coast area be sure to check it out. If you are looking for candlepin bowling, which by the way is a New England thing only, you may want to head to Scarborough where you will find the Big 20 bowling alley. This is truly an original, the whole bowling center looks probably very similar as it did 40 plus years ago. There is a snack bar where you buy fries and hot dogs if you get a hankering. Westbrook offers two candlepin bowling alleys one is West-Port Bowling and the other is Colonial Lanes. Be advised that most of these bowling centers have leagues and there are times where the public is not allowed in so make sure you call ahead to find out lane availability. I also want to mention that the shoes, well they haven’t improved much in looks but, at both Yankee and Big 20 they were newer so don’t be alarmed!