ATV Riding: Get Down And Dirty On Maine’s 5000 Miles Of ATV Trails

Spring, Summer & Fall: The State of Maine hosts about 5000 miles of ATV trails. This gives Mainethe distinction of having more trails then any other state in theNortheast. This means there are plenty of opportunities for you to get inthe dirt with your beloved four wheeler. From Southern Maine to the tip ofthe State in Fort Kent you can find maintained trail systems that willlend you some of the best ATV riding in the country. Maine’s trail systemhas options for all skill levels of riders. It is great thing to do for families too! You can obtain maps of thetrail system as well as information regarding the challenges of the trailfrom outfitters in the area you have chosen to ride in. You will also findample opportunity to rent a machine and/or hire a guided trail ride if youwish. Trails will lead you to some of the most pristine areas of thestate has to offer. Whether you are looking for a single days ride or anovernight adventure there is a trail to accommodate you. . Maine’s trailsystem crosses both public and private lands. All ATV riders areencouraged to comply with off road ethics and laws. During the past fewyears several ATV clubs have been established in the state. These clubsare the backbone of the successful opening of the finest trail system inthe Northeast. Additionally, these clubs are a great source ofinformation regarding the best trails suited to make your ride all thatyou want it to be. You can find out how to contact several of theestablished clubs on line. If you are an ATV rider don’t miss theopportunities Maine has to offer.