Puffin Country: Seal Island’s Largest Population

Fall: Machias Seal Island, you may have never heard of it before. It lies between and Jonesport and there are only a few small charter boats that make daily trips from both these ports in summer and fall. The island offers more than a glimpse of the largest colony of Atlantic Puffins in the United States. It is one of the only places in Maine where Puffin enthusiast can sit in a blind and observe from just a few feet away the antics of these colorful and comical birds who’s presence seems out of place with the foggy seascapes they inhabit. Behind the blinds, the puffins are close enough to touch and to watch their ungraceful landings and almost funny carrying ons. The birds even perch on top of the blinds which gives observers a great up close view of these unique creatures. After a visit to this island one thing becomes clear, although there may be disputes over the islands ownership, the puffins definitely rule the land!