Maine Coast: Tips To Help You Get The Most!

Spring, Summer & Fall: Maine’s rocky coastline draws tourist from all over with dreams of exploring all it has to offer. Instead of hitting the southern coast and following Route 1 the whole way up the coast, where you will end up missing some really great spots, head to the authentic “Downeast” Maine. If you head to the eastern most point of the US, Eastport, you will be able to be one of the first in the country to see the sun rise. Watching the sunrise over the horizon of this small coastal town is magical. Winter Harbor is another great little coastal town that is not filled with traffic and tourist. You will hear about Bar Harbor and the Acadia area and Winter Harbor although is part of the area is not as well known as some of the other towns. Winter Harbor is part of the famous Schoodic Scenic By-way and one trip along 186 will tell you why. It is absolutely breathtaking and although the town is tiny, there is a great restaurant in town, the Fisherman’s Inn, where you will find the freshest seafood around. Stonington will give you a real view of life in a working fishing community. Be sure to head down Sand Beach Road and check out the sweeping views of Penobscot Bay and Mark Island Lighthouse while you are there. Continue your way down the coast and you will end up in the Searsport and Belfast area, both which have great places to stop in and check out. Searsport has a great marine museum which visitors of all ages will enjoy learning more about Maine’s maritime history. This place has some great exhibits and a wonderful hands on section and the buildings on the grounds are all part of the National Historic Registry. There are so many places to go along the Maine coast, why not make it an authentic Maine coast tour by hitting the Downeast region.