Jordan Pond House: Experience The Tradition Of Tea

Spring, Summer, Fall: The Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park, has a long been a landmark in this region. Initially established as a logging camp in the mid 1800’s it wasn’t until later that century that the Jordan Pond House became a restaurant, and remains one today. One thing that hasn’t changed since the 1800’s is the tradition of afternoon tea served here. Today you can enjoy this tradition of tea and popovers at your table while overlooking the pond and twin peaks of the Bubble Mountains. The place is know for its popovers, which have a strong resemblance to muffins, but with a lighter loftier profile. They are quite tasty and are typically served there with strawberry jam and tea. The folks that run the place have a full menu featuring local seafood, berries, and even homemade ice cream. After a long leisurely lunch visitors can stroll along the perimeter of the pond on nearby hiking trails. Having tea or lunch here is a great activity to incorporate into any trip to Acadia or Bar Harbor.