Haunted Houses: Get Spooked At These Great Halloween Hauntings!

Fall: For those of you who love Halloween and are looking for the perfect scare, Fright Night at Fort Knox may be just the place for you. Fort Knox in Prospect is the setting for an eerie evening full of thrills and chills. Starting in mid-October through Halloween, the Fort opens their gates during the dark of the evening hours. With the stillness of the night and the deadening fog drifting in from the bay, visitors can explore the dark depths of the fort with all of its hidden rooms and twisting tunnels that will scare even the bravest of souls. At each turn and down each dark passageway, you will hear the whispering of ghostly footsteps that haunt this old battery. Fright Night is really scary and a great thing to do with your friends, but it is not recommended for little children. If you are looking for a more family oriented Halloween scare check out the haunted house at Pumpkin Land in Poland. As you enter the haunted barn complete with hanging giant spiders ghost swirling from the rafters and strobe lights flashing. Kids will squeal with delight at every corner of this great haunted house. Another fun thing to do, while you are there is to take a trip on the haunted “day” ride where the unexpected pops out of the woods at every turn of the wagon. Pumpkin Land has plenty more for the whole family to do such as a great corn maze, fun rides and a bumpy hay filled wagon ride to the pumpkin patch where everyone gets to pick their own pumpkin. Maine has plenty of Halloween things to do from haunted houses to haunted hay rides so make your plans now for fun Halloween entertainment!