Car Shows: From Classics To Funnies These Cars Shine

Fall: Car enthusiast love local car shows and you would be surprised at the number of shows and people who attend them around the state. During the fall months, these shows continue to happen and surprisingly attendance does not drop off. From road rallies which take place in Kennebunkport during the last weekend in September to a fly and shine car show in Millinocket which happens in October, the car show calendar is full. The participants in the car shows often compete for prizes based on their division. The owners of these special vehicles spend much time and money on restoration and customization. You can definitely feel the pride and sense of camaraderie amongst the participants in these events. A fun thing to do is attend one of these shows just to see all the work that goes into these prized possessions. If you are looking for a fun weekend activity, plan to attend the Homecoming Craft and Car Show hosted by Maine Maritime Academy in Castine. The ride up there is beautiful especially with all the fall leaves in full color. Once there, you will find crafters and artisans selling their goods as well as a host of car owners displaying their automobiles for visitors viewing pleasure. If you are out, why not take a cruise on over and see what the fuss is all about.