Birdsacre: Stanwood Wildlife Sanctuary

Summer: Birdsacre is the perfect spot for nature enthusiast, bird lovers and histoy buffs to explore. This sanctuary offers visitors 200 acre to explore and thanks to it’s visionary Cordelia Stanwood, and her lifelong work and love of nature, it’s a great place for families. Birdsacre is filled with photographs of some of the rarest specimens. The Stanwood Historic Museum and Sanctuary has been open to the public since 1960. Entering the doors of the homestead is like stepping back into a time capsule. The beautifully restored home is open to the public throughout the summer months into September and admission is free of charge.The grounds offers miles of scenuc hiking trails perfect for the entire family. It is fun to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and wildlife. With several ponds and pools your family can enjoy a picnic while watching the birds. Birdsacre has also become the home to injured birds who are unable to survive in the wilderness. With several species of owls and hawks your family can enjoy these hard to spot birds close up.Birdsacre is a wonderful place to visit and experience the living history of one of Maine’s top Ornithologist.