Best Sea Kayaking Trail: Southwest Harbor to Little Cranberry

Summer: So you’ve got this great kayak and aren’t sure where to go…look no further. Get in your car and take a trip to Acadia National Park area and get ready to explore. With so places to explore you could spend a week just kayaking in that one area and never cross a path twice. With the dramatic views of Acadia National Park’s mountains it creates the perfect place to explore all the inlets and bays and some of the best kayaking in the state. The trip from Southwest Harbor to Great Cranberry and Little Cranberry Island is undoubtly one of the best trips on the coast that Maine has to offer. As you paddle your way across the gleaming bay you will you will be able to spot mountains including the famous Cadillac Mountain.Not only are you surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains but, you also will most likely have a close encounter with the sea life. Harbor seals are known to hang out on the rocks and if your lucky you could even spot a whale cresting to the surface. What a great trip and what a wonderful way to really enjoy that kayak!