Berry Picking: Blue Or Red, They Are Ripe For Pickin’

Summer: During the summer months, Maine is a great place to find some of the best berry picking. From blueberries to strawberries, there are plenty of great places to pick along the coast or inland. Downeast Maine is known for its phenomenal blueberry harvest. Stop at any given farm and you will be provided with the tools of the trade which include a metal hand rake (which was invented in Maine over 100 years ago) and pint containers to keep these precious little gems in. Blueberries are actually the state of Maine’s official berry and with 60 plus thousand acres it’s easy to see why. If you are in the Acadia region you will find that the acidic soil of the coast is the perfect place to grow blueberries and they are certainly plentiful. Blueberries are ready for picking by August so make sure you take advantage of this bountiful harvest and enjoy. In addition to blueberries, Maine also has plenty strawberry farms to choose from around the state. Red, ripe and delicious, strawberries are ready for picking come mid June. If you are looking for a pick your own farm then you should check out Pops Strawberry Farm in Dresden. The berries are big and falling off the vine. The fields are easy to maneuver and you can fill a quart sized container very quickly. Nothing beats fresh strawberry shortcake with a mountain of whip cream on top! Berry picking is plentiful and is a fun activity during the summer months so enjoy!!