Winter Activities: Grab A Sled And Hit The Hills For A Fun Winter Thrill

Winter: Winter will be here before we know it and with the cold weather also comes the snow. Instead of dreading the cold, why not make some plans now to hit your local sledding hot spots. Sledding is one of those activities that doesn’t require much gear, is inexpensive and always a fun thing to do not matter what your age. Find the steepest hill in your town and you pretty much have and afternoon full of cheap entertainment. I think every town in Maine has their “sledding hill”, you know the one I am talking about. All the kids gather there with their tubes, flying saucers, toboggans and spend hours just having a blast. If you live in the Augusta area your sliding hill is at the Augusta Country Club where kids gather to ride down the long run that thrills everyone from young to old. In Portland, the gathering spot is Riverside Golf Course and the hill of choice is just behind the clubhouse. On any given day you will fine lines of sledders waiting for their turn to take a run down the hill. In Topsham, you will find their hill at the playground on Middlesex Road. The tubes come down the hill at fierce speeds so be careful when making your way back to the top. As a matter of fact, that hill is so popular that it is not unlikely to find some bare spots at the top of the hill during the beginning of the season due to all the sledders making multiple runs down the hill. If you decide to do some sledding this winter make sure you grab your thermos and fill it with some creamy hot chocolate and pack some snacks. After spending sometime climbing up and down the hills a warm snack will hit the spot and make your sledding trip fun and memorable.