Summer Vacation: Start Making Your Plans Now!

Winter: Summer may seem far away especially during the cold winter months but, planning for your summer now can be a way to alleviate cabin fever. If you are looking for an outdoor wilderness vacation where some of Maine’s most pristine natural beauty surrounds you Grand Lakes Stream may be the perfect destination. The entire area is an outdoor enthusiast paradise. Some of the best fishing can be found in this area. The residents pride themselves on being outdoor experts hence the reason you will probably find the largest pool of outdoor guides in the state. The Grand Lake Stream Outdoor School offers visitors outdoor discovery in a class like setting. You can participate in one day to week long programs ranging from Back Country Eco Tours to Fly Fishing Clinics and Allagash Expedition trips. The mission of the Outdoor School is to provide participants with the confidence in exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. So why not consider enrolling in one of these discovery school classes this up-coming summer and enjoy a little bit of what Maine has to offer.