Hot Air Balloon Rides: Take Sight Seeing To a New Level!

Summer: Maine is home to some of the most beautiful sights offered in New England, but a new perspective of the state can be revealed by traveling in a hot air balloon above Maine’s beautiful countryside. Maine’s forests, pastures, islands, and rocky coastline is even more spectacular when viewed from the air with your friends or family. Before you begin your hot air balloon adventure amid Maine’s warm summer air, your pilot will inform you and your party about the anatomy of the hot air balloon and may also instruct members of your party on flying the aircraft depending upon which charters you choose to fly with. After a successful takeoff, you will be able to observe all of Maine’s beauty and charm from a completely new perspective while gracefully hovering at around 500 – 1,000 feet in the air. During your hot air balloon ride, the speed and direction of the wind will be the judge of where and how fast you travel. Since wind speeds are generally mild during summer sunrises and sunsets, charters tend to choose to fly only at these times in the days during the summer months and flights generally last for about one hour. Throughout your time in the air, a pickup crew will follow you to your final destination. Hot Fun First Class Balloon Flights which operates out of southern Maine offers hot air balloon rides for any special occasion as well as offering champagne toasts at the end of each flight. Hot air balloon rides are generally offered around southern and central Maine and can offer a fun filled excursion for people of all ages and for any occasion.