Cole Land Transportation Museum: A Unique Adventure

Winter,Spring,Summer & Fall: If you are looking for something to do during the cold winter months that is both interesting and unique, you should visit the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor. The museum is one of a kind in Maine filled with several unique exhibits of Maine’s transportation history. The museum offers a realistic 1800’s post office for visitors to explore. In addition, they have one of the largest collections of snow removal equipment we have ever seen. The kids loved the passenger locomotive that you are able to board and discover what travel must have been like on board the train system. War history buffs will love the military uniforms, weapons and vehicles that the museum offers. In addition to all the historical artifacts the museum also offers a huge photograph collection which archives Maine’s way of life from the early 1800’s on. The kids really love the 10 antique fire truck display. If you are looking for an educational way to spend some downtime with your family why not do what over 20,000 other visitors do annually and take a ride to the Cole Transportation Museum, you never know what you may discover!