Book Club: Start Your Own Reading Group

Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer: If you want to increase your reading capacity this fall then you should consider starting a book club. If you decide to start your own group, your first task is to recruit members. The number of members you have in your book club will be determined by where you decide to have your meetings. Another thing to consider before you invite your participants is that more people leads to more discussion which can make it confusing unless you have a good moderator who is skilled at keeping discussions on track. On the flip side, too few participates will lead to littley discussion and so you really need to think about achieving the perfect balance. Most people recruit solely from friends or coworkers although you don’t need to stop there. Once you have a solid group of people together, it’s time to set some guidelines for your group. Things to decide are how and who picks the books and when and where you will meet. Most book clubs typically meet once a month and discuss one book per meeting. In the past, we have had each member recommend a book for their month and they are responsible for leading the discussion on that book. To be sure, planning and running your own book club can be a challenge. But if done properly, your book club will prove to be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for you and your peers.