Visit The Patten Lumbermen’s Museum

Spring, Summer, Fall: At one time Maine was home to the largest lumber port in the world located on the banks of the Penobscot River in Bangor, Maine. During the 1800’s there were over 8 Billion board feet of lumber shipped out of Bangor Maine within a period of fifty years. Most of the timber shipped out of Bangor was harvested from the Penobscot River’s heavily forested upper branches and transported downriver by hardworking logging crews. The logging industry in Maine has changed drastically since those booming days. Evolving from river run logdrives fueled by teams of oxen and men, to mechanized harvesting machines and trucks that now carry the logs to mills. The Patten Lumberman’s Museum brings history to life by allowing visitors to tour a refurbished logging camp from the 1820’s built without the use of nails. The Museum also features a big selection of handtools of the trade, early chainsaws, horsedrawn logging sleds, Bateux’s, and early logging trucks. There are also many photographs, that tell the story of progress and hardship. For an eye opening look into the history of log drives on the Penobscot take a trip to The Patten Lumberman’s Museum.