Pleasant River Walk: Brownville’s Trip Through Nature

Summer: Traveling up to the Northern section of Maine and finding your way to Brownville one can find an enjoyable way to spend some time on the Pleasant River Walk. This three mile nature walk starts in Brownville and makes it’s way along the river banks into the junction. The trail is groomed and easily managed by all ages. Along the way you will enjoy the quiet solitude of the woods and the babbling sounds of the river which is never more than 30 feet from the path at any given time. From the Village you will see the rock formations in the river used to cable the log booms from days gone by. Along the path you will be able to spot many familiar and antique structures. Both the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad Bridge can easily be seen as trail leads you directly under the trestles. You can also view the remaining structure of a historic sawmill which milled much of the logs that floated down this river from the great Northern Woods back in the early 1900’s. These are just some of the sights combined with mother natures guest that you will encounter on this wonderful river walk.