Goldenrod Farm: Visit A Working Farm

Fall: Goldenrod Farm, situated on 70 acres in Northern Maine, over looks Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Chase. The beautiful views and gorgeous green pastures remind you of being far away. The farm is filled with a variety of farm animals and is modeled after a small homestead style of farm of yesteryear. On the farm they grow plenty of fresh vegetables along with an orchard full of old and new fruit trees, including cherry, plum, peach (a cold tolerant variety), pear and apples. In the Fall you will find them making Apple cider the old fashion way with a hand crank press that is well over 100 years old. They gather apples from more than 20 varieties trees, including crab apples to make this homemade treat. The apples are washed to be pressed and then the galllons of apple cider begin to flow. Watching them make apple cider in the fall is like watching them make maple syrup in the spring, it’s a labor of love and makes for perfect gifts and home use. So why not visit a local farm or take a ride to Goldenrod Farm and enjoy a different pace for a change.