Fall Foliage: Kaleidoscope Of Color

Fall: Fall in Maine gives way to warm days and cool nights and the perfect weather for the changing of the leaves. No matter what part of Maine you are in you can enjoy mother natures art show. The fall season is highlighted by scenic foliage that paints red, orange, gold and yellow treetops. It can be a wonderful time for a hike up the mountain to enjoy the view or a ride on your bike to savor the crisp air. Many of the state parks offer birds-eye views atop the moutain peaks such as Mt. Battie in Camden. There you can view the mix of fall colors against the backdrop of Camden harbor, the windjammer ships and the cool waters of the Atlantic. If you are traveling in the northern part of the state then make a stop in New Sweden on Route 1 just outside of Van Buren. There you can enjoy the panaromic views of Canada and all the fall colors you would expect. Or you could head toward Fort Kent and enjoy the Fall Scarecrow Festival. From there head toward Eagle Lake where you can rent a canoe and head down the lake to enjoy the colorful tree lined waterway. However you decide to do it, enjoying the leaf season during fall in Maine is sure hard to beat.