Fall Baking: Enjoying the Harvest Fruits

Fall: The fall season is the perfect time to turn on your oven and enjoy the fruit of the season. If you have just spent an afternoon picking apples in the cool fall air, why not go home and enjoy some special treats. One of my favorite things to bake in the fall is apple crisp. I’m not sure if it is the ease of making this delectable dessert or the lingering aroma of cinnamon, nutmet and hot buttery apples baking in the oven. The best part of all is you literally can throw it into a pan without much hassle and enjoy the fruit of your labor in no time at all. Serve it up warm with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and you have just met a small piece of heaven on earth. The combination of the sweet cinnamon sauce and the warm apples that melt in your mouth is to die for. So why not bake some homemade apple crisp tonight and treat yourself to a great fall delight.