Debouille Public Reserve Land: Away From It All

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall: In the heart of Maine’s northern forests lies the scenic and silent Debouille Public Reserve far off the beaten path this 22,000 acre tract is a slice of Northwoods heaven. Hiking trails lead to a fire tower atop Debouille Mountain and from the summit the views of the surrounding ponds and hills are breathtaking. The word Debouille is French for rockslides which are common to the area. The southeastern portion of the park is where most of the campsites, trails, and boat launches are, and also holds the more rugged mountain terrain. There are plenty of scenic spots to camp, so if a site is occupied rest assured there are others nearby that likely are not. Wildlife is plentiful here with moose and dear sightings common along the water, hiking, swimming, fishing, and boating are the most popular activities here as well as snowmobiling in winter. This is a rugged and remote area accessable through the Northwoods gates for a small fee so come prepared with plenty of supplies, a smile and sense of adventure.