Aroostook State Park: Maine’s First State Park

Summer: If you are planning a trip to the Northern Woods of Maine then a great starting point is Aroostook State Park. This state park is one of Maine’s first and totals over 800 acres of pristine land. The state park is where Quaggy Jo Mountain and Echo Lake are located and with wonderfully groomed hiking trails, crystal clear lakes to canoe and paddelboat in with rentals available, picnic sites, campsites and a beach to relax on. The state park is a great place to camp while exploring the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. This whole area is full of interconnecting lakes, ponds, rivers and streams that make their way through Northern Maine’s vast forest. The Allagash is a very popular spot for sportsman and a place known for it’s solace and refuge from our busy world. Northern Maine is the gateway into New Brunswick and Quebec and makes an excellent place to visit for those looking to “get away from it all”.