Aroostook County: Come Catch A Brook Trout

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall: Commonly called “Brookies, or Squaretails” these speckled members of the Char family look as though they swam out of a painting and into our world. Native only to the Eastern United States and Canada these fish are sought by anglers not only for their stunning beauty, but also for the pristine places where they inhabit. These fish are very sensitive to the effects of development, pollution, and deforestation, and sadly have lost much of their habitat in the Southern United States. Fortunately, Maine has the largest native populations in the country, due to its vast undeveloped forests and miles of clean rivers and streams. Aroostook County has miles of undeveloped streams, rivers, ponds and lakes where these extrodinary fish can be found. Methods for catching them can be super simple from merely using a hook, worm and bobber, to flyfishing for them where anglers use hooks adorned with feathers and fur that imitate floating insects. This type of fishing can be extremely satisfying, watching as fish rise to the surface to take your fly. These fish can also be taken in winter by ice fishing, and can make for a fun filled day for the whole family. Whatever method you choose, after catching your first brook trout you will no doubt be amazed by the beauty of this special fish, and the places they are caught.Note: The State of Maine has very specific regulations regarding fishing that vary region to region, please take the time to learn, and follow the laws on the waters you choose to fish.