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Maine Things To Do Real Haunted Houses: Where The Spirits Gather
Posted by mainetodo on Sunday, October 28 @ 18:09:21 EDT

Fall: Are you looking for some real halloween hauntings? If so, you may want to take a trip down the coast and visit some of Maine's historical homes that offer guest close encounters with the ghostly kind. The first place to stop is the Waldo Emerson Inn in Kennebunk. Known as the oldest house in Kennebunk, many guest report hearing the sound of footsteps. Legend has it these footsteps belong to a spirit which resides in the small closet under the stairs. If you stay at the inn and wake up to the sound of the door latch being opened and footsteps on the stairwell don't be alarmed. Next, The Captain Lindsey house

in Rockland is the home of at least 35 spirits who include the one of the inn's past owners and two children can be found waiting for their father to return to pick them up. Moving up the coast a little further is the 1794 Watchtide in Searsport. One of the inn's former owners reported close encounters with the ghostly kind when she would find bits of colored paper mysteriously strewn throughout the house, puddles of water underneath chairs and the mysterious appearance of a man and woman. So why visit those childess haunted houses when you can find the real deal right here in Maine.

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